So Good (Mini Dv, 7min, Color, 2016)

Growing up playing sports at a highly competitive level is familiar to many kids from the California suburbs. With little else to do, sports dominates youth culture. I was not an exception. I didnt have the skill or the size or the drive to continue on and try to make sports a career and so, like many other fallen high school stars, I play in parks and recreation leagues, mens leagues, church leagues, summer leagues, corporate leagues. This is a film about what it looks like to balance that youthful drive that is still in me, with being just a normal human non-professional-athlete adult.

Full film

2016. Mini-dv tape, 7 min

Cuyler Ballenger (b. 1985 Novato, California) is an art documentary filmmaker. His works are minimal, characterized by personal history, labor and industrial landscapes. Ballenger is interested in the materiality of memory and intergenerational collaboration. He is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of California San Diego.