Inheritance (2016—2020) is a multi-channel video installation and series. An allegory of the American opioid epidemic combining documentary and experimental film, Inheritance merges the political with the familial, as the I explore our family lineage of addiction.

Inheritance 005: Acceptance
4k Video, 14 min 38 sec. 2020.

The third film, Acceptance, is our unification told through the lens of a letter he sent me 15 years ago. He does not remember writing the letter or what it says. I filmed his initial opening, and reading of it. I used his reading of the letter, which contains some regret + a poem, to bring us together. The compositions and repeated imagery are stories unto themselves, most of which you can probably interpret, or I can explain more thoroughly on a phone call. This film, unlike the other two, can exist without context as a freestanding work. I believe it is the result of 4 other films (2 I never finished) and a half decade of work.

(made by Ryan Hawk)



2020. Solo Exhibition. Lawndale Art Center, Houston.

Cuyler Ballenger is an American independent artist and filmmaker. He is a minimalist filmmaker whose work is rooted in documentary practice and characterized by industrial and domestic landscapes. He was born and raised in Novato, California.