Inheritance (2016—2020) is a multi-channel video installation and series. An allegory of the American opioid epidemic combining documentary and experimental film, Inheritance merges the political with the familial, as the I explore our family lineage of addiction.

Inheritance 001: Denial
SD Video, MiniDV, 9 min 00 sec. 2017

The first film, Denial, uses a selection of voicemails my dad left for me from 2016 - 18. They track a narrative about our long-standing rift. By refusing his calls, sometimes for years, I was attempting to deny his existence. Visually, I staged a series of scenes that were performed not to tell the story of a young, successful man now free from the shackles of a tough childhood, but to highlight that I too have taken on much of my father’s meanderings and substance abuse…

(made by Ryan Hawk)



2020. Solo Exhibition. Lawndale Art Center, Houston.

(images courtesy of Nash Baker / Lawndale Art Center)