Construction at Glassell School Art, Houston (DCP, 23min, Color, 2018)

Construction at the Glassell School of Art is about simultaneous work. It's about coordination and care. It's about what space looks like in the liminal zone of after conceit and before completion. This state is where the majority of construction exists. That's why I am interested in it. This digital cut utilizes split screens with abstract sound design to analogize the overwhelming effort it takes to construct such an impressive structure.

2018. 23 min. color. no dialogue.

SCORE Mitchell Collins

Cuyler Ballenger (b. 1985 Novato, California) is an art documentary filmmaker. His works are minimal, characterized by personal history, labor and industrial landscapes. Ballenger is interested in the materiality of memory and intergenerational collaboration. He is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of California San Diego.